Thank you for visiting our website. You are probably wondering what happened to NEA X-Ray Inc., and why we have a new name. In November of 2007, we acquired MedSouth Medical Supply in Little Rock, Arkansas. We are very excited about this addition because it has given us the opportunity to take our service to the next level. This allows us to better service our customers in Little Rock and the surrounding areas as well as provide an expanded line of medical supplies including orthopedic bracing and rehab products.

We have always believed that service is a priority for your x-ray equipment needs. Over the years we have worked hard to build a level of service that we believe no one else can match in our field of expertise. 

But over the years we have become much more than simply an x-ray servicing and supply company.  Most people don’t realize that we are able to supply you with most needs of a medical facility! We can give you competitive pricing for anything from digital x-ray equipment and therapy tables to cold packs and paper products. 

“Why do you provide such a wide variety of services and products?” you may ask.  It’s because we want to build a lasting relationship with you.  We love to see your face and know your name when we hand-deliver many of our products. Relationships are what this company is about. Give us a chance to build one with you. We trust you won’t be disappointed!


Scott Younge